Profile / Race Car Title History

Driver Profile

Name: Richard Fricker
D.O.B: 10/2/1965
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Race Car Driver / French Polisher
Interests: Racing cars, Karting, Snowboarding, Surfing, Sailing

Richard is married to Kealii and is the father to 2 daughters, Amy and Emily. His goals are to win a Sportscar Championship Trifecta which will put him in good stead to race in Belgium for the 2010 Radical Cup Masters. He would also like to race in Europe or America in a Sportscar Category and to achieve more sponsorship to make his dreams a reality.

Seasoned race car driver, Richard Fricker, is well on the way towards achieving his goal of winning the 3 race car titles for 2009, making it a hat trick in the Australian Sportscar Racing Category.


2009 Radical Australia Cup
Richard now leads after 5 rounds (Radical SR3) with 3 Round wins and 2 seconds.

2009 NSW Motor Race Championship
Richard is currently in the lead with the State Title in racing and Sportscars (Radical SR3) after 3 round wins and 2 seconds.

2009 Motor Racing Australia (MRA)
Richard is in the lead of the Sportscars Division (Radical SR3) with 3 round wins.